Monday, 21 November 2011

30s 40s

I absolutely love fashion in 30s and 40s. Everyone was so glamour and elegant. Hats, gloves, suits, evening dresses...

It's like going out every day, feel fabulous every day, rich and posh;)
Yes, I'd like to live in that time.

Uwielbiam modę lat 30-stych i 40-stych. Wszyscy wyglądali wtedy tak elegancko. Kapelusze, rękawiczki, kostiumy, suknie wieczorowe...
To tak jakby codziennie ubierać się na specjalne wyjscia, czuć się wspaniale i wytwornie:)
Ooo tak, chciałabym żyć w tamtym czasie.

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  1. OMGOsh, no word of a lie but in the eighth picture the leopard patterned coat, my mum has one exactly the same that is from the same era. She still wears it today and whenever she has it on people ask her about it. In fact this young girl was swooning over it when she wore it in the winter this year.

    It came from a very exclusive shop in London and was given to my mum by her wealthy sister in law. I think I have a photo of her in it, I will dig it out and post on my blog. It is a 1940's/50's photo of her.

    Its not actually "leopard" but a very very good imitation and feels amazing....she tells everyone its real..and I say "don't say that mum" they will be pulling out their animal rights signs..."including me" as I am against killing animals for fur.

    Thank you for sharing this really great post. Mum also has a Beaver coat, same era and that is real, same rich aunt that gave it to her!


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